About us

About us

CATS Vision System has been developed by VPTS, continuous improvement since the first system in 2009 has resulted in a reliable, flexible product, adaptable to each customer’s unique demands.

Over the years we have been involved with many different types of vision systems and developed an awareness of the limitations and costs involved.

We have worked with Neuroscript, Lake, MTS, Baumer, Cognex, DVT and more.

‘CATS’ user interface has been developed with the operator in mind, with easy to follow options and functions.

The first system developed was for reading raffle tickets, typically printed with printers using a numbering machine which, as the ink runs out, the characters became faint, necessitating the ability to read any fonts. From day one we knew we needed a great tool for the OCR which is why we opted for Scorpion Vision for the framework.

When you buy a system from us you get all the options from day 1 included in the price, no extra cost for sequence checking, mailsort or the stop list. VPTS, was first established in 1986 to look after Böwe Guillotines and Inserters. It’s range of products and services has since expanded, to offer services for other types of equipment. Our proficiencies include most makes of mailing machines, poly wrappers, folders, feeders and high speed guillotines.

Kevin Druce has been in the mail and print industry since 1980 when he started working with Alacra (Böwe UK). Having identified a need in the market, he started his own business in 1986. His extensive knowledge of Böwe equipment and aptitude for component level circuit board level repairs is second to none. Indeed many of VPTS’ clients are still running Böwe Guillotines first commissioned in the 1980’s. Kevin also has a wealth of experience in creating bespoke applications, his most prestigious probably the Booklet Making Systems for General Accident/Norwich Union to create their policy books.

Leon Stonebank started his career in the pressure washer industry in 1987, initially designing high pressure cleaning systems for the police, fire service, oil platform services and food industry. A switch of career in 1998 led him to MTS, where he played a lead role in developing and building electrical and mechanical mailing equipment, including software and vision systems. In 2004 he started his own business looking after mailing equipment and various vision systems, using his extensive PLC and software programming knowledge.

Kevin and Leon joined forces in 2009 creating VPTS LLP. Complementing each other, and using their expertise in engineering and automation they have developed new products for the print & direct mail industry.

Also offering service plans or maintenance contracts, together with sales of new or reconditioned equipment, supported by a team of engineers with over 100 years of experience between them they can provide a complete service to complement your operation.